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The List-O-Matic Shopping List


We do more than website design. We have the capability to provide custom programs. In this case, a customer wanted a grocery list that could be edited by anyone in the household. That same list needed to be accessible when away from home such as at work or school. All the products needed to be listed according to the shopper's preferences and store layout. A web-based program was the answer.

The program was designed according to the needs of the client. Although there are similar applications that can perform a similar task, none are as easy to use as this program. Even the printed version of the readied list appears without graphics, logos or needless advertisements — just the selected items from the master list would appear on the list you take to the store. This feature can be seen in the demonstration. Though not available in the demonstration, the list can adjust itself to be viewed in a less graphical form for use with web enabled cell phones.

The demonstration is a partially functioning version. However, all pages are viewable to provide you with the ability to see how the program works.

Though not generally available to the public, we are considering creating a service to make it available for other for free. Test users can get the service for free in return for providing feedback for future improvements. If interested in being an initial evaluation user or desire further information, let us know via the Contact Us page.

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