About Us

TC KOPKE was founded in 1999 by Tom Kopke. TC KOPKE comprises of just one person allowing the customer to deal directly with the person responsible for the service they receive. Mr. Kopke is in business because of the enjoyment in the various aspects of website design and not because a paycheck is needed. This affords Mr. Kopke the ability to provide what a customer needs beyond what the customer was charged.

Mr. Kopke retired in 2001 after 19 years as a Navy physicist in research, engineering and procurement of display systems for flight training simulators and virtual reality. Mr. Kopke has also taught university level courses in applied optics. This background brings together a unique capability to understand various technology subjects about products and services that clients may have. In turn, this allows him to provide products better focused to intended audiences than products from typical website service providers. The result is that clients spend less time explaining their products and services allowing them more time to focus on what they want from TC KOPKE.

Mr. Kopke works best with clients who are excited about being on the web. It has been as simple as being able to provide an email address with their business name to a whole website that opens a new venue for new customers. Once a client focuses on potential, the possibilities become limitless.

Whenever possible, to save our customers development costs, we utilize previously developed software customizing it to the individual needs of a customer. We'd like to acknowledge some of those developers that have helped, without cost, provide software and customization help. Of course, we don't charge for this since we get it free but, it does allow for customers to have additional website features without adding costs.

  • Brian Suda - Search Engine Highlighting - http://suda.co.uk/ - Programming to provide highlighting of query terms when a page is found by a search for a client's website.
  • Vittal Aithal - Soupermail - http://sourceforge.net/projects/soupermail/ - Programming to provide a form-to-email program which is used on this site.