Voting For Lazy People
How I Learned To Love Absentee Voting

The last polling location I visited was at a church with sandy dirt for a parking lot. Trudging through the sand wasn't that bad except that had ants, got into my shoes and into my car. I wondered what it would be like if it were raining. I never went out to vote again – that was 1988. However, I have voted in every presidential election since then via absentee ballot.

It used to be that one needed to justify voting absentee. Today, no justification is needed but most fail to even consider it as an option. Originally, I did it out of laziness not wanting to take off from work and drive to the polling station. I quickly realized that voting absentee is the best way to perform my civic duty. Besides, in 1992, it was raining on election day and that parking lot would have been a deterrent to many with its now muddy sand.

With a disability, voting absentee can make life significantly easier. For some disabilities, travelling outside is a major event. Travelling to an unfamiliar location such as a polling station can be a high source of anxiety not knowing if they can accomodate your specific needs even though advertised as handicap accessible. Each election season, the local media brings attention to the lack of accessible voting locations yet fail to emphasize or even mention that absentee voting is even an option.

Absentee registration is easy. In my county, you can register for absentee ballots online on the county's website and have it for just the upcoming election or for all the elections of the year. In my county, even the return envelope is postage-paid. If not online, a quick call to your area's supervisor of elections will get you registered for a ballot.

Even without having a disability, voting absentee makes the whole process painless. All one needs to do is register far enough in advance to election day.

Come this election season, I've vote like I always do — in front of the TV with one of those drinks with a tiny umbrella in it — Cheers!