Aitoff Projection

In visual simulation, we used Aitoff projections to show how projectors mapped their display on to curved screens. Like all work environments, the person who took the last projection sheet out of the box didn't tell anyone. Consequently, more were never ordered. Though the need was not frequent, when it was, there wasn't time to wait for more to be procured. One made do with what they had such as a bad copy of a copy that was even worse.

As a way to learn some software, I decided that an Aitoff projection was a worthy training tool. The benefit being that I would both learn the software and create a useful product. Shown below is a very low resolution sample representation of what is available free for download.

Aitoff Plot

Download Information (document provided by immediate download)

The downloadable version is a black plot on a white background. Like above, it does not have any numbered coordinates or markings. Visual artifacts are significantly reduced. It is a JPEG image approximately 8Mb in size. It is intended for use in 8.5" x 11" (215.9mm x 279.4mm) or smaller documents.

The document is free for personal or non-profit use. Prior consent is required if the document is intended to be used as part of a product or publication intended for sale or barter. The source document is a vector drawing and was created using Illustrator. You will be downloading a derivative of the original source in JPEG. If you have a need for the Illustrator source file, please contact me.