Analysis of Image Forming Systems
(Johnson’s Criteria)
John Johnson
U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Laboratories,
Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Source document from the Image Intensifier Symposium, Warfare Vision Branch, Electrical Engineering Dept., U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Laboaratories, Ft. Belvoir, VA, Oct. 6-7, 1958, pp 249-273.  Minor editorial changes have been made to the original for clarification purposes.


A visual system used for training must have sufficient resolution fidelity to train for a given task. A value for resolution in itself is insufficient given that image generation can have scene elements having levels of detail, minimal sizes and more that do not exist in real environments. This has created a need to characterize resolution with multiple descriptors to insure that the entire visual system does provide the fidelity necessary. One of these descriptors has been in the use of what is commonly referred to as "Johnson's Criteria."

Many in the industry that use it or refer to it have never read it to the extent of understanding the subtleties of how it can be interpreted for visual systems used in simulation. Finding a copy of the original can be a challenging task. In the last century, I started to convert the copy I had to a digital version. You can download the extent of what I did. It has all of the text, formulas and textual tables but, most figures and graphs are not included. If there is sufficient interest, I'll complete the conversion and post it here.

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