Triviola Time!
Where a high score means you need to get out more!

Around here, trivia is king. I created a few trivia quizzes for some friends and found that other people wanted copies. They wanted more. So, I created a few more. I didn't always know the answers but that didn't stop me from asking the questions. "Put 'em online," commented one friend and "Triviola" was born. They're all just for fun, no advertising or trying to sell you something, just trivia fun. In some cases, I tell you how I did.

Sit back any try a quiz or two and see how much useless information you can remember!

  • Movies – Name the movie by the two stars given
  • TV – For genuine TV nuts only of the classic fare
  • The Beatles! – A test of Beatles song lyrics knowledge
  • Phobias – Real phobias and multiple choice
  • Movies and TV – A little bit of everything in this one
  • General Stuff – Things you see all the time but never think about it
  • Basic Physics – The bare minimum what physics students should know but frequently don't
  • TV Seeing Double – Stars that had more than one hit show
  • TV Show Co-Stars – From the co-star's name, give the TV show
  • Movie Musicals – Name the movie from the a song title
  • Firsts – Can you name the first or when it all began of well known stuff and events?