Triviola Time!
TV Show Co-Stars

All are from well known shows. Name the show for which each is associated. 14 possible total points. I didn't know about the 3-pointer below. As always, try to answer before revealing the answers at the bottom.

  1. Bill Daily (2 shows, 1 point for each)
  2. Agnes Moorhead
  3. Edward Platt
  4. Johnathan Harris
  5. Russel Johnson
  6. Vivian Vance
  7. Hugh Beaumont
  8. Alan Napier
  9. Fred Grandy (2 shows, 1 point newer of the two, 3 points for the older)
  10. Richard Moll

Show Me The Answers!

Official Triviola Point Score!

0 - 3 = Seriously? PBS must be the only station you watch!
4 - 7 = Hmmmm, you must watch TV Land a little.
8 -11 = Own a few TV Show DVD collections do we?
12 - 14 = Impossible, you must have cheated! Submit proof that you watched Maude AND Love Boat enough to recognize Fred in both.

  1. Bill Daily – Howard in "The Bob Newhart Show," Roger in "I Dream of Jeannie"
  2. Agnes Moorhead – Endora, Samatha's mother in "Bewitched"
  3. Edward Platt – The Chief of Control of "Get Smart"
  4. Johnathan Harris – Dr. Smith of "Lost In Space"
  5. Russel Johnson – The Professor in "Gilligan's Island"
  6. Vivian Vance – Ethel in "I Love Lucy"
  7. Hugh Beaumont – Ward in "Leave it to Beaver"
  8. Alan Napier – Alfred the butler in "Batman"
  9. Fred Grandy – Gopher in the "Love Boat" and 3-points for Carol's boyfriend in "Maude"
  10. Richard Moll – Bull in "Nightcourt"