Triviola Time!
General Trivia – Stuff You See All the Time!

This quiz is different. You see these things sometimes everyday but, never give it a thought. No fair looking, just try to do the questions without checking. Though I wrote the quiz, I didn't know all the answers ahead of time. These are questions you can compete with your kids since they see all of this too. Each correct count as a point. As always, try to answer before revealing the answers at the bottom.

  1. On the TV's we grew up with, before cable and digital - what was the highest channel on UHF?
  2. On the telephone dial, what letters are associated with the number "5?"
  3. On a phonograph, most had three speeds - what were they?
  4. Which spelling is correct - catsup, catchup or, ketchup?
  5. Do imported cars have "emergency brakes?"
  6. Of all the stuff we eat, what has the longest shelf life?
  7. Which written form is the most universally understood? (and I don't mean some extinct language from 400 B.C.)
  8. No looking first! Wall outlets that allow grounded plugs (two blades and one post shapes) are all oriented the same way when vertically mounted. From the picture below, which is the correct version when installed properly, a b c or d?outlets
  9. For non-carbonated canned drinks such as tea, juice, sports, etc. of the vending machine size, how many ounces are in the can?
  10. Name all the times zones that cover the lower 48 states of the USA.

Show Me The Answers!

Official Triviola Point Score!

Yes, for this quiz, it's possible to have a negative score if you meet certain criteria. For the record, I got six and had to look up the rest.

less than zero = please don't have children, we don't need any more politicians!
0 - 3 = Lemme guess, you want to be a consultant to politicians.
4 - 7 = My guess is that you finally mastered chewing gum and walking at the same time.
8 - 9 = You're of the kind that figures out who done it during the opening credits of a movie.
10 = Hrump!!! Consider yourself some sort of genius. You are in the same class as Mr. Know-it-all, Bullwinkle Moose!

  1. Channel 69. TV's started with channel 2 on VHF (2-13 VHF and 14-69 on UHF). There was a channel "1" but it was discontinued in 1948.
  2. JKL
  3. 45, 78 and 33 1/3
  4. According to Merriam Webster's online dictionary, all of them are correct. However, "ketchup" is the closest spelling to the words' origins.
  5. No, nor do American cars. All of them have, "parking brakes" - the proper name for them. Popular media and even some auto writers incorrectly refer to them as "emergency brakes" but, the usage is so widespread, nobody really notices that it's actually wrong.
  6. Salt. It's actually a mineral and what you have on the shelf right now could be thousands of years old!
  7. Music - If you are a musician and missed this, -5 points!
  8. "b"
  9. In most cases, 11.5 ounces. Beer and soda have 12.
  10. Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern and, Atlantic (the last can be found in part of Maine.)