Triviola Time!
Phobias... and I'm afraid they're true!

More trivia!?!? We're talkin' PHOBIAS and this time it is multiple guess! My score is in the results. The missus tied with me. Below are 11 real phobias but only one of the choices is correct. Each correct count as a point. As always, try to answer before revealing the answers at the bottom. Good luck!

  1. Ataxophobia
    1. Fear of disorder or untidiness.
    2. Fear of accountants or accounting.
    3. Fear of taxidermists or "stuffed" animals.
    4. Fear of taxes.
  2. Amaxophobia
    1. Fear of the TV show, Get Smart.
    2. Fear of riding in a car.
    3. Fear of maximum effort.
    4. Fear of not enough effort.
  3. Barophobia
    1. Fear of Barry Manilow.
    2. Fear of atmospheric pressure.
    3. Fear of gravity.
    4. Fear of bars or pubs.
  4. Bathmophobia
    1. Fear of Bathing.
    2. Fear of bats.
    3. Fear of being dirty.
    4. Fear of stairs or steep slopes.
  5. Chionophobia
    1. Fear of Chia pets.
    2. Fear of snow.
    3. Fear of having a third eye.
    4. Fear of Chinese.
  6. Domatophobia
    1. Fear of Mafioso bosses.
    2. Fear of houses.
    3. Fear of Dom DeLuise.
    4. Fear of dominance.
  7. Gamophobia
    1. Fear of chewing gum.
    2. Fear of gambling.
    3. Fear of games or contests.
    4. Fear of marriage.
  8. Heliophobia
    1. Fear of anything that flies.
    2. Fear of helicopters.
    3. Fear of eggplant.
    4. Fear of the sun.
  9. Koinoniphobia
    1. Fear of onions.
    2. Fear of Karmelkorn.
    3. Fear of rooms.
    4. Fear of coin operated devices.
  10. Mageirocophobia
    1. Fear of the Magi.
    2. Fear of Christmas.
    3. Fear of Maggie May.
    4. Fear of cooking.
  11. Scolionophobia
    1. Fear of school.
    2. Fear of disease of the colon.
    3. Fear of light.
    4. Fear of work.

Show Me The Answers!

Official Triviola Point Score!

0 = Ya didn't even guess one right?
1 = You just topped my score and have become the smartest person I know!
2 - 4 = You're kidding, right? You actually knew some of these?
5 - 8 = You've must of watched every episode of Monk.
9 - 10 = my guess is you have most of these.
11 = OK, Dr. Freud, just move along, no crazies to see here!

  1. Ataxophobia — a. Fear of disorder or untidiness. Definitely not in my house!
  2. Amaxophobia — b. Fear of riding in a car.
  3. Barophobia — c. Fear of gravity. Where do people that have this live?
  4. Bathmophobia — d. Fear of stairs or steep slopes. I like my answers better.
  5. Chionophobia — b. Fear of snow. Not one to have for youz Yankees up north!
  6. Domatophobia — b. Fear of houses. Gotta get these people and those from #3 together!
  7. Gamophobia — d. Fear of marriage. Watched too many episodes of Married With Children.
  8. Heliophobia — d. Fear of the sun. Yep, and I've seen these folks at Walmart!
  9. Koinoniphobia — c. Fear of rooms. Perfect match for #6.
  10. Mageirocophobia — d. Fear of cooking. It's all those people ahead of you in the drive through at MacDonalds!
  11. Scolionophobia — a. Fear of school. Most common in teenagers!

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