Triviola Time!
TV Trivia for TV Nuts

If you're reading this only because the TV is out, you may be able to get a high score. For the rest of you, prepare yourself for some brain-twisting! Each correct count as a point. As always, try to answer before revealing the answers at the bottom. Good luck!

  1. What musical group "lived" next door to Major Anthony Nelson but never met or either talked of the other?
  2. What voice did Mel Blanc (the voice of Bugs Bunny and others) do that wasn't for a Warner Brothers cartoon?
  3. What is the number on the badge shown on the TV show Dragnet?
  4. What very well known sit-com was first seen as a segment on "Love, American Style?"
  5. Besides Alan Alda, who is the only series regular that was there from the start to the end of the series M*A*S*H*?
  6. What TV show had the first inter-racial kiss? (Extra point if you can name the actor and actress)
  7. From the TV show "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.," what does "U.N.C.L.E." stand for?
  8. What sitting US president was the first to appear in a non-news TV show? (Extra point for the one line stated during his cameo visit)
  9. What made "I Love Lucy" in its production unique and one of the most expensive to make for its time?

Show Me The Answers!

Official Triviola Point Score!

0 = Hmmm, not enough TV in your diet. Click your heels and say three times "I want my MTV!"
1 - 3 = Too many books, too much time outside, you need to work on your couch potato skills! Do you even know what a "clicker" is?
4 - 6 = Don't be impressed with yourself, anyone who has seen both b&w and color TV's should know at least this many.
7 - 8 = OK, now we're talkin' a typical American! Your couch is likely avocado green or harvest gold in color sitting on a comfortably worn shag carpet.
9 or more = A true TV nut. You probably have multiple TV's in the same room and entertain your friends (what few you have left) doing juggling tricks with all the remotes you have during commercials.

  1. Filmed on the Screen Gems back lot - The house next to the "I Dream of Jeanie" house was that used for the "Partridge Family." The street terminated at a cross street where the "Bewitched" house was. In multiple episodes of each show, you can see these houses from the other shows in the background.
  2. Barney Rubble (of the Flintstones) - he didn't do it for all of the seasons the show was aired, just some of them.
  3. 714
  4. "Happy Days" - I actually remember seeing it the first time it was on "Love American Style" - a favorite show of mine at the time.
  5. Loretta Swit - other characters such as the Father and Klinger weren't regulars until later seasons of the show.
  6. Star Trek - and, for the extra point, William Shatner and Michelle Nichols
  7. United Network Command for Law and Enforcement
  8. Richard M. Nixon - and for the extra point "Sock it to me" on the show "Rowan & Martin's Laugh In"
  9. Until that time, sitcoms were done live and recorded from the broadcast (the distinctively poor image quality) and Ms. Ball insisted it be filmed, then broadcast. Only of her star power did the network agree to risk the high cost of filming which paid off in the end - especially since the print quality allowed for many years of endless re-runs that made the studio money (Paramount who bought Desi-Lu in the late 60's if I remember right.)