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The List-O-Matic Shopping List


We do more than website design. We have the capability to provide custom programs. In this case, a customer wanted a grocery list that could be edited by anyone in the household. That same list needed to be accessible when away from home such as at work or school. All the products needed to be listed according to the shopper's preferences and store layout. A web-based program was the answer.

The program was designed according to the needs of the client. Although there are similar applications that can perform a similar task, none are as easy to use as this program. Even the printed version of the readied list appears without graphics, logos or needless advertisements — just the selected items from the master list would appear on the list you take to the store. This feature can be seen in the demonstration.

Demonstration Mode — Some features are disabled. Below is a list of items a family buys from the store, Shopix. As items run out, the family can check the item on the list. Additional spaces are provided if they want to add a quantity and any notes about the product. The program saves selections unless cleared so that the list can be created over several uses - such as adding to the list as items run out. When ready, clicking the Print View button prepares the list for your printer. The Print View of the list is specially formatted for printing. It prints only the products checked without excess graphics or images. Try using your browser's "Print Preview" or print the page to see this work.

Items can be grouped according to user preference and store layout. The final list has the products ordered the same way as their store and shopping preference!

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