TC KOPKE's primary focus is Website Design and Management. We take you from selecting a domain name and website design, to the maintenance and management of your working website. We provide free estimates based on the time required to develop your website. Actual costs vary greatly depending on your individual needs. TC KOPKE will thoroughly explain up front what is included in all of our personalized contracts. For the small business, we can provide assistance and a variety services to help understand and integrate your website to your organization.

All TC KOPKE hosted websites include:

  • Website Statistical Software
  • Email and Email Forwarding
  • FTP Access
  • and more!

All TC KOPKE website contracts include:

  • Delivery of the Source Photoshop .PSD File
  • One Year of Free Hosting
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Favorite Icons
  • Quick Reference Codes
  • "Contact Us" Form Pages
  • Driving Directions (When Appropriate)
  • Printer Friendly Pages
  • and more!

All TC KOPKE customers have access to additional services such as:

  • Custom Form Documents (See example)
  • Custom Programming (See example)
  • Printed Document to Electronic Form Conversion
  • Image Scanning
  • and more!

TC KOPKE will help you every step of the way from selecting a domain name to organizing the information you want to have on your website. Your contract will reflect the amount of work we need to provide in the development and delivery of your website. The more information you can provide up front, the easier it is to create the site best suited to your needs. If TC KOPKE must provide research, technical writing, and advanced graphics, the cost will reflect these services. Actual costs will vary depending on the quality and quantity of content you provide, special site features such as e-commerce, a message board or special programming.

Web Hosting

We can provide hosting for our customers or, our customers can obtain their own website host. We will work with you to accommodate your needs and preferences. We purchase hosting services from a leading provider that provides service, reliability and security above typical hosting providers including exceeding requirements for e-commerce websites. Our provider has its servers located in a secure data facility with power backups and multiple very high-speed connections to the Internet. This insures that if there is a major power failure or disruption in Internet connectivity that multiple backups and connections keep your website online. We are more than happy to provide any information about our host to any prospective client. All one needs to do is simply ask.


Our cost to you is based on the overall complexity of what you want. We do not charge by the page or unit feature nor do we charge a flat rate for a small website. We feel that this kind of formatted cost estimation forces customers into a "one size fits all" style of website design. We believe that only one size will fit your needs. To know what that size is requires discussion of your needs. We are ready to discuss your needs.